Remote Sensing, GIS and beekeeping

Remote Sensing, GIS and beekeeping

Beekeeping didn’t get its share from the new technologies.

  1. Remote sensing:

1.1.    Forages availability is related to the weather. Predicting the weather, especially the T would indicate the best time to move the Bee hives and also to harvest the honey.

1.2.    Many beekeepers use a scale to know when to harvest their honey. The evolution of the weight of one beehive is used an indicator for the optimum time for harvesting.

1.3.    …


  1. As for the GIS:

2.1.    Seasonal map for the beehives in Lebanon

2.2.    Spot the good forages.

2.3.    Indicates the overcrowding of apiaries and also places where we can have more beehives and eventually can expose the different quality of the honey.

2.4.    ….


Bee-beekeeping17 Bee-beekeeping19 Bee-beekeeping21 c1-3storytruck Honeybee-History10 optical IMG_6187 low res

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