The Plan Bee

When Plan A doesn’t work, you always need a Plan B.

The Plan Bee we are proposing here is to have a Strategic plan for the Beekeeping sector, till 2020.

Lebanon produces around 2000 tons of Honey per year. their economical value, is around 40 M$. If we add other productions, such as bees, Royal Jelly. Wooden bee hives… in addition to the labor cost, land renting and transportation, the value of the sector goes around 60 M$ yearly.

This shows the importance of the sector, who is suffering now from no strategic plan.

In the following i am adding some ideas regarding the strategic plan I am proposing. Some ideas were developed more than others. I hope by the end of this year all the titles will be developed and ready to be adopted.

The info will appear gradually on the following pages: 

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