From: ApiRoutes – Nina Jazbec <info@apiroutes.com>
Dear friends of bees and nature,

 At ApiRoutes you can create your own tour, with specific dates and visits – we will make sure it‘s exactly as you imagined. You can also choose among already prepared tours and fully entrust the organisation of the tour to us.

Sweets from our newsletter:

  • ApiRoutes in 2015

  • Api Tours Highlights in 2015

  • New api programmes for 2016

  • Don’t miss the opportunity to meet meet with us in 2016

You are welcome to read our Invitation to our Api Experiences in 2016 and explore Api Experiences beyond beekeeping!

 Best regards,

Nina Jazbec



travel agency

 Slomškov trg 7, 2000  Maribor,  Slovenija

Tel.  00 386  (0) 2 / 22 98 360

Mobile: 00 386 51 299 179

Fax. 00 386  (0) 2 / 252 58 95

E-mail: info@apiroutes.com

About danyelobeid

I have a PhD in agriculture. I am interested mostly in bees, beekeeping practices and environmental issues.
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