Regulatory Impact Analysis of Changes in Honey Standards in Lebanon August 2012

Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) provides a detailed analysis about the potential costs and benefits of regulatory measures to all stakeholders affected by a new or existing regulation. This document outlines an RIA that examines the benefits and costs of altering the standards on the composition and quality factors of honey imported into Lebanon. This initiative comes under a wider project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to strengthen the technical capacity of the private sector in assessing the legal and economic impact of the regulatory tools that affect their business environment and ultimately in the creation of a sound legal and regulatory environment for trade.

A good and interesting study for the honey in Lebanon.

You can check all the details in the attached document.

Dany Obeid

280910 – DRAFT RIA Honey – V3 – Clean_MG (1).pdf

About danyelobeid

I have a PhD in agriculture. I am interested mostly in bees, beekeeping practices and environmental issues.
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