To bee or not to bee

A neighbor asked me to join him and see what is happening near his hous.

I saw three kinds for different insects

I couldn’t get close because the place is very narrow

but i succeeded to have some photos that I am sharing with you !

i have some answers for what I saw but I wanted to share it with all of you and have better and more complete answers regarding

  1. Explanation of what i saw!
  2. what are these insects and how do they live
  3. and what do you propose to do?

Thank you again for your help

Take care and bee well




The balcony and the garden where i saw these insects ! The balcony and the garden where i saw these insects !  
IMAGE_191   IMAGE_197 IMAGE_198
The black “bees”    
IMAGE_202   IMAGE_204 IMAGE_205
The bees    
IMAGE_193   IMAGE_199  
The small black insects    




About danyelobeid

I have a PhD in agriculture. I am interested mostly in bees, beekeeping practices and environmental issues.
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