Beekeeping In Bulgaria.

For the ones interested in bees. An article that appeared in Annour magazine.
take care and bee happy

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About danyelobeid

I have a PhD in agriculture. I am interested mostly in bees, beekeeping practices and environmental issues.
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1 Response to Beekeeping In Bulgaria.

  1. Plamen Ivanov كتب:

    Hello friends,
    The disappearance of the bees also influences climate change globally.
    Substantial reduction of pollen plantations, sources of protein for fresh swarms are especially important for bees.
    But underlying the loss of bee colonies worldwide are improper breeding and rearing of colonies.
    Opened on afterbirth chaotic uncontrolled crossing bee races, not maintaining the basic line-chistoporodnost metizatsii leads to severe degeneration and subsequent generations of bees.
    The use of uncontrolled preparoti in agriculture, pesticide use and more. causing severe damage to the sector.
    But underlying everything is improper handling of medicinal products used in beekeeping, in particular to combat varroasis-incorrect dosage, and methods of treatment and enforcement.
    Bees and Varroa just received a habituation / resistance / to the currently used preparations on timol basis.
    Presence and distribution of Nosema Cerana and Nosema Apis have as parasitic diseases negative impact on the normal development of hives, but should not exclude the fact of regeneration and conversion of parasites, which also have variability and mutation in their development.
    Protein depending on where the parasites fall in its existence is also the foundation of bees collapse and not be overlooked.

    Accept sincere greetings!


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